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Xbig.eu is one of the first hobby goods online stores in Europe, offering specialized products for gamers, influencers and outdoor leisure.
Development in 4 stages:
Specification development;;
Online store development (design, programming, payment system integration, content input, SEO);

We continue cooperation - planning the first advertising campaign, as well as maintain the online store technically and supplement its content.

World Our Home - European Association

European Association “World-Our Home” is a body active at the European level in the youth field and NGO that works with international and European projects in youth, social, cultural and educational fields since 1999.
Over time, the existing website was outdated both functionally and in terms of design. After a complete overhaul, the World Our Home website has acquired a new structure, functionality, and the site is available on mobile phones, adapting its content to the device from which it is being browsed.
We also continue further cooperation - maintaining the website and supplementing its content.

BaltiksEast - Linen Factory

The leading flax factory in the Baltics, specializing in the production of twine, yarn, ropes, fodder and construction materials from flax.
The company's website was outdated and needed to be updated to accommodate the company's development and modernization.
It is very important that after the website is upgraded, it is available and adaptable to mobile devices.
The website also has a catalog and an order form.

KidZone - Children's entertainment center

Opening the doors of the new amusement center, there was a need for a website where to place information about the centre's services:
Visits to the center, Rooms for parties, Rent, Cafe.
The design of the website was aligned with the identity of the entertainment center.

Inspired.lv - The largest marketing ecosystem in the Baltics

Until now, the marketing agency had a very simple website - a business card. Over time, there was a need for a full-fledged virtual space to show what has been done and announce current events. Within the framework of the project, a website design was developed, and based on it - a website was developed.

Triplex - Car glass replacement service

Triplex had been maintaining its website for a long time, but its visual image was outdated and the functionality had to be expanded. An improvement strategy was developed - design improvements and additional website features. Already now Triplex customers can successfully book a visit to the Triplex car glass replacement - online, choosing the place and time they want.


Sātys grill season

As the grill season approached, the company SIA Sātys took care of graphic materials in a timely manner. Brochures “How to cook on the grill”, models of wobblers and various stickers were prepared for printing, as well as improvements were made to the existing logo.

Absolut ® Bar team competition application website

The bar staff has a team spirit, which Absolut offers to prove by participating in various games and relays. For this purpose, a website was created where you can register a team to participate. The website for the duration of the Absolut promotion period.

TaxFree - Tax return platform

Project includes development of a website, customer service portal and credit card design.

Toyota CH-R advertising website

In 2018, the new Toyota CH-R was introduced to Latvia. TERADA created design of website for marketing comaign. The website was created for the Toyota promotion period.

Design of the album of the post-folklore group "Rikši"

The group Rikši, who comes from Rēzekne, has released their second album. We have created design of music album - Cover, disc, booklet, as well as business cards, which are kept in a consistent style.

Learning Centre “AUSTRUMVIDZEME”

A modern and competitive learning center that would support the development of a free, responsible personality of each learner with a sense of life direction and understanding of values, promoting the learner's readiness to continue education.
The time came when the training center needed a personal space on the web. The administration of the training center "Austrumvidzeme" on this site places information for current as well as future students - study programs, current affairs, etc.

Online personality tests

Within the framework of the project, a website was created with the possibility to perform Eneograms and temperament tests online. You can also read about the test and its role.
"Finding my true self, hidden behind many prohibitions and restrictions, has been pushed aside by the seemingly important needs of the moment. To be in harmony with yourself. ”